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What our Successful Students Say

“I can't imagine anyone thinking they could pass this exam without the benefit of Sherrill's comprehensive course.  When I first discussed taking her course, I was concerned with some schedule conflicts and prior commitments.  Sherrill convinced me to work around those issues and to attend as much of each class as I could.  She also encouraged me to find several study/accountability partners and commit to a regular study schedule.   You've heard that old joke 'How do you eat an elephant?' 'One bite at a time.'  Sherrill's course prepares you to dissect that huge elephant of an exam into bite sized pieces.  It's still an elephant, but by exam day, you'll have worked up an amazing appetite."  Kevin C. Huston, EA, USTCP (12)

“When I posted that I was giving you all the credit for me passing, I meant it.  Here’s why.  I did not study enough for this test.  Part of that is for reasons that are very good; part of it, not so much.  But as we grew nearer the exam, I knew I had to cut to the chase and concentrate my time on only the areas of study with the highest payoff.  Over the previous months, I had studied many things that were of marginal value, if not irrelevant, and I noticed in the seminars that many individuals seemed to be spending a lot of time off topic.  Fortunately, your lectures and your materials made it abundantly clear what topics in all four areas we should focus on.  You knew from previous exams over two decades where the questions were likely to come.  With the little time I had left at the end I directed all my study to those narrow areas (well, they still weren’t all that narrow) and completely ignored everything else.  It worked splendidly, not so much because of my efforts or because I could memorize the lists of important things to know readily, but because you told us everything — and I do mean everything! — we needed to know to pass.

So, here’s the formula for success:  Take Sherrill’s course.  Study what Sherrill tells you to study (ignore the rest).  Learn what Sherrill tells you to know (ignore the rest).  Practice what Sherrill gives you to practice.  Pass the test!”  John M Perry III, EA, USTCP (12)

“Fantastic experience with cream of the crop peers where we accomplished quite a goal.  No doubt about it, this was a tough test.  If you’re willing to put forth the effort to study, the USTCP designation is well within reach.  Sherrill’s approach to preparing students for taking the Tax Court Exam is nothing short of phenomenal.  She provides you with everything you need and tailors the live sessions to accommodate various learning preferences within the group.  She somehow even managed to make the material fun.”  Geri Bowman, CPA, EA, USTCP (12)

“As a CPA, I felt comfortable with tax law and with Tax Court Practice and Procedure. The Federal Rules of Evidence and Legal Ethics, however, presented a challenge for me. Sherrill Trovato's materials on FRE and Legal Ethics provided the additional information that I needed to pass the 2012 Tax Court Exam. Sherrill's materials were clear, readable, and on point. I recommend her materials to anyone who needs support in particular substantive areas.”  Allyn Judd, CPA, USTCP (12)

“I have taken many professional exams in my career.  The US Tax Court exam is not only the most difficult exam to take, but the most difficult to prepare for.  Sherrill's course was essential in helping me not just pass the exam, but pass it the first time.  Anyone who embraces her course materials and study and exam preparation techniques should feel confident in passing the US Tax Court exam. For Enrolled Agents looking to elevate themselves to US Tax Court representation, this is a must take course.”  Sean Monohan, EA, USTCP, CFP (12)

“Sherrill’s course was the core of my preparation for the Tax Court Exam for Admission of Non-attorneys and was critical in my passing on my first attempt.  The materials covered all of the areas of the exam in great detail and her suggested answers to the questions from past exam were excellent.  Further, even if I had not passed the exam, the knowledge gained in preparation for the exam provided to me the ability to better serve my clients in the future.  I would recommend this class to any Enrolled Agent or CPA to improve themselves.”  E Robert Clifton, EA, USTCP (CA) (10)

“Sherrill’s class is the reason I passed this difficult test.  Her study group provided the guidance and support necessary to navigate my way through the test.  Sherrill gives you the tools and emphasizes the commitment needed.  I felt the camaraderie of the group as a whole was a bonus. I totally recommend the study group format that Sherrill provides, if you have the desire to take on this formidable task.“  Linda Bossard, EA, USTCP (CA) (10)

“I took the Tax Court Exam in November 2008 and received notification that I had passed the exam in early April 2009. The exam is difficult as you can tell from the pass rate - I strongly recommend that if you intend to take the Exam – you invest in Sherrill’s course. It not only prepares you with the information to study, the procedure of the exam - it also prepares you mentally, which is a significant part of the preparation.  I would not have passed the exam without Sherrill’s help and guidance – thank you Sherrill.”  Richard M Reedman, CFE/FCPA, EA, ACCA, USTCP (NC) (08)

“When I sat down and started to take the test in Washington, D.C. I slowly became aware that I was adequately prepared.  Before I finished the test, I believed I had a reasonable chance of passing.  I followed Ms. Gregory’s instructions – including: doing the homework, drilling with flash cards, listening to tapes on evidence and taking practice exams under test conditions.  The course material is very substantive – for example; annotations of predictions of what questions will be on the exam, power point presentations and prior exams with suggested answers.  Without reservation, I recommend this course.” Allan Egelkraut, CPA, USTCP (AR) (08)

“Your class prepared me mentally as well as I could have hoped to have been prepared to take the exam.  It demystified the exam and allowed me to study the sections independently and at my own pace.  I would recommend the 1-year study package to anyone thinking of taking the exam.  It was the right amount of study time for me.”  Lonnie Gary, EA, USTCP (CA) (06)

“Your class was immensely valuable in getting me focused on the topics I need to know and study.” Frank Degen, EA, USTCP (NY) (02)

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